Missions and Outreach Ministry

Annie M. Davis Scholarship
The Scholarship Ministry assists students who are pursuing a college education by providing financial assistance, information resources, mentoring, encouragement and testing to determine what each student’s may be.
The committee gives scholarships to high school seniors who have been a member of FTMBC for a minimum of two years and have participated in youth activities, on a regular basis, during the last two years of high school. The committee also assists undergraduate students who are having financial difficulties.

Food Pantry
The Food Pantry helps members and people in the community when financial struggles have left them in an emergency situation. This ministry provides food to children and seniors in our surrounding neighborhood to help bridge a gap that can occur during difficult times. The FTMBC Food Pantry assists individuals/families struggling with socioeconomic hardships with emergency food security. The outreach efforts are to remove the household insecurity of having insufficient or depleted food resources, primarily for children and seniors.

Nursing Home Ministry

The bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those confined to Nursing Homes through: Preaching, Scriptures, Prayer, Poems and Song.
Nursing Home Visits are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Shiloh Missionaries
The Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church strives to fulfill and perform the duties of Matthew 25:35-36 with commitment, prayer, service, and dedication through community outreach within the church, local community and state; while developing national and international partnerships. God opens the door for evangelism and the witnessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for we are sent to serve God and the people of God.

Missions is committed to Building Disciples to Win the World through the four core values of Alfred Street Baptist Church: Evangelism, Excellence, Relationships, and Stewardship.