Rev Joyner

Wilbur Joyner was born February 22, 1937 and Farmville North Carolina.  Upon his arrival to Stamford, CT he joined  Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in 1972.   Reverend Joyner served in  various ministries: Trustee Ministry, President of Men's Ministry.  In 1978 the Lord saw fit to elevate Reverend Joyner to the office of Deacon and in 1976 was elevated to the Ministry where  he was ordained in 1999. Answering a call from a fellow son of the church Reverend Joyner left Faith to serve at Shiloh Baptist Church in Norwalk, CT as Assistant Pastor under leadership of  Reverend William Davis.   In 2010 Rev. Joyner reunited with his home church, Faith Tabernacle.   Reverend Joyner earned a bachelor degree in 2001.

 Reverend Joyner says there's no place like home!